Dapchi SchoolGirls Kidnap: FG Romancing Nigerians With Recycled Words and Lies


    Sometimes I am tempted to tell myself that this’s the worst time to exist in this country called Nigeria. A country where the Government is busy playing politics with the lives of its citizens. It’s so unfortunate that it’s the lives of the innocent Nigerians that are continually put in between the crossfire. More especially that of the kids who are mostly helpless whenever terror strikes.

    Dapchi school girls kidnap

    The Boko Haram group have pestered Nigeria for a very long time. They killed so many, rendered thousands homeless and the only thing our Government could do is to regurgitate the same old words and lies to the citizens again and again. One of them being that the terrorists have been annihilated.

    To add to the pain. Last week Monday when the Dapchi girls were kidnapped from their school, the only thing security officials and the state government could do best was to apportion blames to each other instead of swinging swiftly into action to find these terrorists and rescue the girls before it’s too late.

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    The state government was busy blaming the army for rolling out of the area; leaving the security in that porous for the terrorists to strike.

    The army, on the other hand, shifted the blame to the police saying they handed over the security task of the area to the police before evacuating the area in pursuit of other Boko Haram terrorists inhabiting other parts of Nigeria.

    The police shifted the blame back to the army saying that the army didn’t hand over to them and that’s where the blame game is currently hanging right now.

    Then, there comes in the FG, saying, “We are sorry,” following the abduction of more than 100 schoolgirls in Dapchi last Monday.

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    It is important for Nigerians to let him know that “Sorry” is not enough and wouldn’t be able to wipe the tears of Nigerians this time around. It might have worked for Jonathan during the kidnap of Chibok girls but now, it won’t work for the Nigerian Government in this occasion.

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    Everybody was expecting more from the Buhari Government which came to us preaching “Change”.

    Nearing the end of his tenure, the change they promised us we didn’t see any, the things that were good before they took power, they’ve made worse.

    Who is the sorry for? Is it the wailing mother that still couldn’t find a way to control her tears for her kidnapped teenage daughter who is somewhere inside the bush right now going through whatever type of hell the terrorists will be raining down on her?

    Image result for northern nigerian woman crying

    Image result for northern nigerian man crying

    Or, is it the depressed and frustrated father that’s currently haunted by the thoughts that these demonic terrorists might be raping her beloved teenage daughter right now, in turns, somewhere within Nigeria?

    Even after the 8th day of the kidnap, the president of the federal republic of Nigeria is more concerned about the 2019 re-election that the pressing issue at hand.

    All Progressives Congress (APC) and other conclave gather in Abuja repeatedly, not for the sake of the abducted Dapchi schoolgirls, but to prepare the party for 2019 elections. It’s a shame to see this happening in a country that was supposed to be the giant of Africa. It’s now so obvious how weak our strength is because it’s as weak as that of a diseased chicken.

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    For a very long time, the country has been suffering from so many terror attacks from different factions, fighting for their selfish and useless reasons. The Boko Haram terrorists, the Fulani herdsmen which the Government is doing as if he’s not noticing the menace these idiots are unleashing on this country.

    These cowards will always use the lives of innocent women and children as their target point to wound the emotions of Nigerians. Putting an early end to Nigerian lives of young and promising Nigerian lives who would have grown to be the light that will brighten the country for the entire international world to see.

    And all the Government could do best is give us recycled words of hope and comfort. Go and say those words to your village ruler in Daura because Nigerians home and abroad are tired of these words. Nigerian Government has failed us again and again and has let our children down. He should take the “sorry” home to Daura as he nears the end of his tenure.Image result for sad man painted in nigerian flag's colorGOD BLESS MY COUNTRY NIGERIA!


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