Ladies, How Will You Feel If Your Man Proposes To You Like This?


Everybody in Nigeria loves avocados. It has been a humble fruit for a very long time.  It never disappoints.

But finding its presence in the dating, relationship and marriage theater as a ring box is something so unusual.

In our today’s world where proposals are more of an attention-seeking performance art people share online for validation from strangers rather than the cute little “will you marry me?” kind of thing that it has always been.

We’ve seen so many varieties of proposals, from leaving the ring inside a tumbler filled with an expensive wine to leaving the ring inside the middle page in the eatery’s menu. I have seen a lot, but pulling the ring out from an avocado pear is something millennials are quite into a lot these days. But, here in Nigeria, where ladies are expecting to be proposed to by their partners almost every day, they are always hungry for that. Some of them wouldn’t give a damn where the ring is being pulled out from so far he is proposing and she is getting engaged right away.

Does the avocado ring box make sense to you?

Guys, will you propose to your fiancée to be with a ring pulled out from a fresh avocado pear that would have served everybody well if it were to be eaten with bread?

Girls, how will you feel if your fiancé proposes to you with a ring pulled out from an avocado pear?


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