What Makes a Man The “Real Man” He Wants to Be?


What makes a man

While it’s true that human beings considered to be men are fewer than females. But, after reading this post you will find out that there are fewer men on earth than we thought.

Men are not made by growing into a specie that flexes muscles around, tall, handsome, big chest and ripped abdomen. Walking around swinging that stuff in between your two legs.

Also, being a man is not all about the beard. You can belong to the dopest beard gang ever and still be the most childish and worthless man you have ever seen on earth.

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What makes a man?

What changes a boy from being a boy to becoming a man? Not only a man per say but the type of man that he wants to be?

The society might consider being a man circling riches, driving the latest car, dating the hottest chick, getting married and taking care of your family?

In common sense, that’s what it takes to be a man. But, here, we are trying to see the world from within ourselves and not from the perspective of what others think.

A man must be financially free and must have an atom of self-discipline.

While being a man circles these attributes listed above being the type of man you want to be is way beyond them. It has nothing to do with your riches, how beautiful your woman is or how academically sound you are. Being a man has a different definition altogether.

A man truly transforms from being a boy into a man when he is done finding his path in life, discovering his purpose; following that path and trusting himself with every step he makes into his future, from the very first step of his journey to the very end.

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Let’s draw a little example from the real old world

In so many communities around the world, the culture has it that to be considered a man, every boy that grows up to a particular age would be sent out into the forest or venture into somewhere dangerous that will entail him to rely on his efforts and ability to survive.

In some cases, they will be sent to an unfavorable environment while some will be sent to fight a wild beast, kill it, bring the severed head home and only then will he be initiated into the men’s folk in the community.

While undergoing this task, nobody is around to help you survive or help you kill any wild beast. They all have to rely on their strength, ability, and effort to survive.

Unfortunately, in our present-day community, we don’t have such initiations going on, even if it does, nobody will allow his son to be sent out into the forest to risk his life. That’s why we have so many men today that go around thinking they are men while they are childish men. But, the “test to become a man” concept still applies in our today’s world but it uses in a different method to test your manliness, and many males don’t understand and will always fail at the test.

The bottom line

You have to live a life that’s independent of other people. You must live life knowing fully well that nobody cares and nobody’s going to come to rescue you when you are in trouble. You live a life that you make your own decisions, own up to them no matter where they are leading you to ply through.

Men don’t go around life looking for people to save them from their problems, they face their challenges head-on and tackle it. If any help comes around so be it, but you don’t wait around or expect help to come.

Real men don’t look or give excuses why they wouldn’t pursue their goals in life, or wait around for mum and dad or the people around them to take care of them, or waiting for people to pat them on their back and tell them everything is going to be alright.

Real men go so confident and self-reliant on themselves and the path that they’ve set out for themselves in life. They also own up to the consequences of their actions; not sabotaging their words for anything else.

Real men don’t try to look for someone to blame when things go sour. They also don’t seek validation and approval from anybody else.

Once a man feels okay within himself, everybody else can hold their opinion about him to themselves.

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Final bullets

What is your belief?

What do you stand for in life?

What do you want out of life?

What’s that thing that keeps you awake at night?

What makes a man


Go down deep into whatever sinkhole your heart desire might be hiding, hold it by its whiskers and drag it out to yourself. Don’t be a sissy, giving excuses here and there. Nobody is going to do that for you. Nobody is coming around to help you. At the end of our life, we all are going to regret only the things we couldn’t do in life than the things you did.

Go down your path, f**k any other path any other person will try to set up for you. Don’t give a damn what anybody thinks.

Anything you do in your life that’s less than or contrary to these points above is less manly and will not drive you to become the type of man that you want to be.

Don’t be a sissy that’s scared of things and hides under your physical attributes of manliness, that’s bullsh*t.

Your beards don’t matter to anyone ones you are not being the best version of yourself, your muscles and ripped abs is not going to make you feel any better than you’ve felt about yourself when you were a toddler if you are not living a life that’s heading towards you becoming the type of man you actually what to become in life.

Other attributes that have to do with being the type of man that you want to be in life is courage, the ability to protect your family at all cost. Those will be a discussion for another day. But for now, focus on creating your path, and following right through it and not looking back.



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