You Will Make Every Second of Your Life Count After Reading This Blog Post


Do you know that time speeds up the older you get?

You were once a 3-year-old toddler who spends his/her day sleeping, playing with toys and depends on Mum and the people around to live life day after day.

Time Speeds Up The Older You Get Make Every Seconds of Your Life Count

I was once a ten-year-old boy whose only problem in life was to make enough grades in school to come out at the top; taking the first position in my class. I was also bothered with how to best play away my time with my friends like every other boy of my age then. I never bothered myself with the thoughts and the problems I have right now clustering my head today.

You were once a 15-year-old teenager;  Adolescence age just kicked in then and you started being so stubborn, annoying and very tough for your parents and elders to handle.

I was once a 20-year-old boy. Then, my problems in life became grosser. I am not only bothered about how to make enough grades in school to become the best, I also wanted to come out with a very good result that can get me a good job after graduation. The raunchy ideas of the opposite sex started kicking in and girlfriend wahala started becoming a thing in my life, this came with numerous heartbreaks and caused so much pain and depression.

Now I am 25. I am a graduate. The things that bothered me before are not bothering me as much as it used to be, that doesn’t mean I am happy with life. Sometimes everything looks cool and alright, while the next minute, a problem sets in and takes the joy away. I have even more problems on my shoulders more than I had 4-5years ago.

Now I am bothered on how to improve my business, open up new businesses, link out to people who will help project my life to the next level, get married when its time (at least be ready financially when the time comes), have kids and live the best life ever.

I don’t know how many years you are right now. But everybody’s time on earth flies so fast at a supersonic speed. Sometimes when you think about some memorable events that took place as you were growing up, it seems like they just happened yesterday.

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Not only that life speeds up so fast, it becomes faster as we grow old. Just like accelerating your car while on a smooth and steady road, the speed can only get higher. I can still remember my matriculation day at the university as if it happened a few days ago.

I bet you, before you know it, you will have 5 years added to your life in a blink of an eye.

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Our time on earth is really running out fast and every break of dawn draws you closer to your grave. The most important thing in life shouldn’t be these frivolities that we all kill ourselves over, the most important thing is to make every second of your life count because you and I are not going to stay here for a very long time.

Add your present age to your age right now and you realize that another circle through life will get you to the phase of your life that you will probably be as old your own father.

Also, with every phase of the fast life, things are not going to get any better; it never does in anybody’s life.  You will realize that with every coming success over a particular huddle in life there comes yet another greater than the one you just scaled through. In life, you bound to see bigger problems cropping up ahead.


Live a life that will make every second you spend on earth so useful by adding value to the world and to the people around you in any way you can. You don’t want to be another passenger that took a ride through through life; you want to be the driver of your life.

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Live a life that whenever you close your eyes to death, you will be rest assured that you are leaving the earth better than you met it; we owe it to the next generation to do so.


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