How Do You Want To Be Remembered After You Close Your Eyes To Death?


Death – The word we all wish it never existed. The most dreaded and scariest thing every human being will ever experience. It’s a fate we all have been cursed to face.

In life, one thing is certain, we all are going to die one day. Take a look at your closest pal, your wife, girlfriend and your siblings, it’s either they die before you, or you go before them. But it is certain, somebody’s going to go first. The only question is, when?

I know that the idea of death has crossed your mind one or two times. More especially whenever somebody close to me kicks the bucket.

Human beings try as much as possible to stay away from thinking about death as we consider it to be a bad omen to even think about. We are so scared of it.

But, thinking about death sometimes makes us see life for what it is.

3 Common things that will happen after you and I die: 

  • Life goes on, and some other guy will take over your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/hubby and maybe they will get married and you should forget about the movies, you will never see them having sex but they will eventually do so.
  • Your brothers will claim your property and might even fight over the money you left in the bank.
  • After they are done crying, they will all forget about you within some months like you never existed.

All these things shouldn’t bother you. What should bother you is – “how and will you be remembered on earth after you are gone?

How do you want to be remembered after you close your eyes to death

It wouldn’t matter as much what people think about you after you are dead or whether you are even remembered. But I believe it feels good when you’ve secured a nice legacy that will carry your name in the hearts of people and ensure your name is not covered with earth together with you immediately you are buried.

You can either be remembered positively or negatively.

On common sense, nobody wants to be remembered as the next evil being that existed after Hitler. We all want to be remembered as that man/woman that touched people’s life immensely. You want people to wish you were never gone because of the positive effect your presence on earth left on their lives. You want people to talk positive things about your after you are gone.


How to cast your name forever on people’s mind and live forever after you are gone

It all starts now. You have only now to determine how long your name will live on and how it is going to live on after you are gone. To do so, you have to do just one thing, and that is to find your gift, it’s the first step to immortality. Then, develop your gift and use it to fulfill your life’s calling.

That’s the only time people will remember you positively when you are gone.

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Think of people like Isaac Newton, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein and so on. These are people that there names will never be forgotten in history so far the field in which they expressed their gifts still exist and the human race still strives.

So, wake up, stop wasting time. You have a long way to go. Everybody came to earth with a gift, God didn’t ship you to this cold world empty handed. Discover your gift, develop it and set out on the path to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Don’t be the next human being that will go to the grave with his/her gifts still intact and unmanifested. Don’t be the next human being that came here and left and it’s like you never came around.

Use your gift well, turn it into your passion, do the things you love doing and use it to help and add value to people’s lives.

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Make the world a better place so that when you leave this world, you will leave it much better than you met it. By so doing, your name will never depart from the hearts of the future generation and generations to come.


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