You Will Stop Taking Calls From Unknown Numbers After Reading This Scary Story


    Talking about scary, paranormal and creepy voices over the phone, here is a story that will get the goosebumps on your skin showing up rapidly if you ever find yourself in the shoes of this young lady whose story narrating her ordeal with an unknown caller will be told on this post.

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    A few years ago I kept receiving non-stop calls and voicemails from an unknown number.

    At first, I would do the normal thing every living being would have done, I simply didn’t take the calls and I delete the voicemails. But the more I did this the more calls would come in.

    One day I was driving to a friends house and my phone was ringing. Since I was running late, I thought it was my friend calling to find out where I was so I picked up my phone without looking at the number. On the other end was a strange voice, it was not my friend but the voice of what seemed to be a male but using one of those voice changer apps to sound super creepy with a deep raspy almost paranormal voice. He seemed to know me, or certain things about me that he shouldn’t.

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    For starters, he knew my name and knew I was headed to my friend’s house and that I wasn’t home. I didn’t say anything and hung up. The caller called over and over again, one right after another and I picked up in anger and asked him if he was that bored with his life that he had to keep calling me. All he did was laugh in this weird super creepy way. Then he said: I will have you. And continued laughing. I cursed him out and then hung up. He called a few times but then stopped for that day.

    At first, I thought it was someone I knew. It’s sad to say but I didn’t have a lot of friends at the time, and so I did ask around to see if someone would come clean but I got nothing.

    The next few days were more of the same. Calling and calling and leaving messages. I deleted them all and didn’t pick up.

    One day, I was listening to my voicemails and accidentally heard one of the voicemails from the caller. It was this weird message about how he will get me and how he watches me all the time and follows me everywhere, ending the message with there is nowhere that you go that I am not there, you just don’t see me. I quickly deleted that, and again asked around. This message creeped me out!!!

    I started to get that horrible paranoid feeling of being followed. Every time I stepped out of my house I would look around and even when I was home I’d find myself looking out of the blinds being carefully not to be obvious about it.

    Anyways, not a day went by without a call, at all times of day and night and random hours.

    After being freaked out for a while, I became very angry. So one day I deliberately picked up the phone and started to blurt out all kinds of things, telling him he had a sorry existence and was such a coward for doing this, and said a whole bunch of demeaning things and so on.

    Then, he just stayed silent for a while before saying: You look so nice while you are sleeping. I watch over you at night. I love to go to your room and watch you sleep in your shirt and underwear. I am always watching. And with that I just hung up, I was so freaked out, my heart was jumping out of my chest, and I immediately walked around my house making sure all my windows were locked. I never opened them so they were locked anyway.

    This time, I didn’t sleep for a couple days I was so scared. He kept calling and leaving messages saying when I finally sleep he will continue to watch me and how he loved to watch me.

    I never found out who it was, and after about another month with me not ever picking up the calls, he stopped calling.

    To this day, I remember his laugh and the things he would say. Just a really weird creepy thing that I’m glad is over.


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